I Am Powerful is a children's picture book penned by a mother and a Yogini who provides a gentle dialogue between a child who asks pointed questions and a wise mother who doesn't just produce pat answers, but invites her child to contemplate her own strength and provide her own insights.


A typical simple question thus turns into a set of philosophical, psychological and spiritual reflections, as in this (abbreviated) example:


"Mommy, will I ever float like a cloud in the sky?

You may not be able to float in the sky,

but you are as playful and carefree

as the clouds that go by."


Beautiful nature paintings link the mother's insights to a child's realization of various types of power already within, creating an evocative and ethereal read that mothers can use to not just interact with a child, but build a better awareness of self and strengths.


Any parent seeking ways of using higher-level thinking as an early learning tool will find I Am Powerful offers just the right blend of call-and-response and introspective advice to help adults and children engage on a more meaningful level. It's a highly recommended pick for parents who want to encourage young children in such discussions and thought processes.


D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

I Am Powerful is a beautifully illustrated book. The wisdom that is shared has been medicine for my little family. Both of my kids ask questions that have been seeded within the words within the book. I can see them absorbing it all in. I love that I'll be cooking or cleaning and I'll hear my 3 year old repeat to himself "I Am Powerful. I Am Powerful. Even when friends are visiting, he'll come out with I Am Powerful. It's beautiful to see my kids take on this mantra. The books had been a bouncing off place for deeper conversations with my kids about their place in the universe. My 6 year old taking it all in and whispering to herself as she goes off to sleep "I Am Powerful."