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I am an author of children's nature and spirituality books (that hopefully speak to adult hearts as well). I write to bridge our consciousness to the healing medicine of divine mother earth. I  also practice the healing arts of oracle and akashic reading and quantum energy healing. 


"Beautiful nature paintings link the mother's insights to a child's realization of various types of power already within, creating an evocative and ethereal read that mothers can use to not just interact with a child, but build a better awareness of self and strengths.


Any parent seeking ways of using higher-level thinking as an early learning tool will find I Am Powerful offers just the right blend of call-and-response and introspective advice to help adults and children engage on a more meaningful level. It's a highly recommended pick for parents who want to encourage young children in such discussions and thought processes."


D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review